15 Best Android Photo Editor Apps You Need to Know

In this digital age of pocket compactness, pocket photography is being taken to a whole new level with each passing smartphone generation. Each smartphone can capture stunning shots to cater to different types of mobile photography lovers across the globe. It Doesn’t matter if you are running a Top of the line Flagship or a budget phone to go easy on your wallets. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. And for that varied line of smartphone range, their picture-taking capabilities differ from each other too. Like, some of the phones may take photographs that have higher saturation levels, while some, on the other hand, may capture warmer toned photos compared to what the real scene looked like. And the output pictures may not be to everyone’s liking. And this is when Photo Editor Apps comes into play. At this backdrop, our discussion will be focusing on android photo editor.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

The Editor applications edit the photos to the user’s liking, personalize the image to one’s taste, no matter how the original pictures look and feel. And to do these, the android play-store is filled to the brim with different kinds of editor apps. It might get a bit jarring when the users try to find out the right one for themselves. So we are here to do the hard work for you and narrow it down to just ten of them. The shortlisted ten of the best photo editing app list for android will be sparing you to download hundreds of apps to test out and find your preferred one.

1. Snapseed

Developed by GOOGLE, this feature-rich yet simple to use app is one of the most popular editors amongst the bunch despite being relatively new to the scene. With its simplistic UI, all you have to do is select a picture and then select one of the many photo edit options present, and a simple radial will pop up with a selector in the center to only edit the part where you set and not change the entire photo. This gives users lots of control over the edit they want to do instead of automating it. But if anyone wants to, there’s an option for a quick one-tap Auto Edit, which utilizes the similar google pixels software to produce really good and satisfactory edits.

Some features are present that are only available in the flagship pixel models, like the Healing tool, which is similar to the Magic eraser present in the upcoming Pixel 6 series. This removes any unwanted elements from the picture nice and clean.

Also, the major advantage of this app is that it’s completely free. There are no ads, subscriptions, and added shenanigans; just a pure, easy-to-use, beginner-friendly Photo editor.

2. Airbrush

This is an app mainly focused on editing and beautifying the person in the photos. Yes, other apps do it too, but Airbrush does it more effectively out of the bunch. It comes packed with features such as pimple removal, red-eye removal, skin smoothening, and even options like teeth and eye brightener.

Also, if you took a normal portrait and later regret not taking it in focused portrait mode, there’s an option named Bokeh Mode which, as the name suggests, adds an extra accurate bokeh effect to the selected image. 

The app has all this for free, but like any great product on the platform, there is a subscription model present to get you to spend money to get the extra features the app is capable of performing. But it has a 7-day free trial to let you dip your toes into the waters to get the feel of what you are getting for your bucks and whether it is worth it to you.

3. PicsArt

It’s one of the older and more popular editing apps on the platform. This app is filled to the brim with features, which at first might seem overwhelming and confusing to the user. But once you start using it, it gets deceptively simple. While yes, there are a lot of options inside the already confusing selections. Once called used to, it’s not hard to navigate around. It even has a social media-like platform built right into it where you can post your edited pictures to show off your skills. All this makes it a top contender in our Best Photo Editing App list. 

PicsArt has if not all the editing necessities for personifying your clicked picture. If you enjoy maximum control over your options, you will have an absolute blast editing with it. It even comes with advanced features like Layer editing through multiple layers, which are only available in advanced software like Photoshop. The user can even create an image from the ground up with built-in sketch features that let you draw to your heart contents.

While PicsArt is a pretty good software piece, with recent updates, it has added more features to it, and so has microtransactions. The free version has a lot of free options, but if not upgraded to the premium version by a monthly upgrade, the user will be bombarded by ads which will get annoying fast and, dare not say frustrating. Also, the newer version of the feels unoptimized, so has a chance it will take a toll on your lesser powerful smartphones.

4. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe, the software company that comes to mind when we speak of various top of the line productivity software’s, which are leading the industry standards. So naturally, they wanted their user base to grow on the mobile platform. And so, they began to release their suite of apps localized for the Android platform. And along that line of releases, one of the recent ones is the user favorite adobe lightroom.

Like its PC counterpart, this contains every option to play along with the light, colors, and dynamic feel of the whole picture with its plethora of options available. And the best part is we can use other people’s Lightroom presets from all over the internet and apply it to your photos if you don’t want to do it manually. That means you can create similar styled pictures from your favorite photographers if they decide to share their Lightroom preset!

While the basic version is free and doesn’t contain ads, we have to subscribe to Adobes creative cloud platform to unlock more of the locked features. Cementing it as one of the Best Photo Editing App available for android.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Along with Lightroom, another ADOBE suite app that came along was Adobe Photoshop. And is one of the most popular amongst the bunch. 

But since both Lightroom and Photoshop are mentioned here, most of the readers might be in a bit confusion. To clear that, we can see, as the name suggests, Lightroom is for color correction, contrast, and saturation. While on the other hand, Photoshop is mostly used for dealing with the extra elements of the picture. Like removing and editing out details and adding texts and such. It is more about the manipulation of the contents inside the photo.

And just like Lightroom, the basic version is free and has no ads. But the adobe subscription adds a lot of added benefits for the user.

6. Fotor

Fotor, in essence, is very similar to Picsart. It has all the nitty-gritty as any regular editors out there. The usual color corrections, and edit options; it’s all present here.

But the one thing this app has that puts it on the list of the best photo editing app is that others don’t, is a recipe feature. This works like the Lightroom presets, except they can’t be exported from the app to another person. We can save it all to a new recipe if we edit a picture. And later, when we will edit another image, we can use the same recipe to do it with the same style instead of going through the whole process again. This is particularly easy when we have a batch of photos. Using the recipes hastens up the entire process. 

The app requires you to pay extra money via a monthly subscription, to access the advanced features present. And is on the more expensive side amongst the other editors on the list.

7. Canva

Canva is less of a mainstream editor, with which you can quickly edit a pic for your social media. It leans more on the graphics designer side, just like its web counterpart. The app comes with hundreds of templates to choose from to create your perfect poster or cover photo for your business or social media platform. It’s easy to use with a very friendly user interface that helps you navigate around menus containing powerful tools. You can select a picture from available templates or choose one from your very own image and edit it with various graphics plugins to your needs. And all this is completely free. The tools are easy to navigate around, and every option you want to edit the pictures to your liking is all present here.

8. Pixlr

This is one Android photo editor app that relies entirely on simplicity. There are no extra hassles of logging in, no additional steps of going through hundreds of in-app purchase ads to use the app, just three simple options greeting you at the startup. 

The options are – camera to take a picture you want to edit. Photos, where you will select already taken pictures and the last option being Collage, where you put together pics you have already taken or choose one from the storage. Straight to the point, no swiping hundreds of navigation menus to get to the page you want to work on.

The whole thing is fully free, with only a one-time premium upgrade that removes the ad and does not add any extra options behind the paywall.

9. Photo Editor Pro

In the race for being the Best Photo Editing App for android, photo Editor Pro is an app that has been created by InShot, which are widely popular for their video editing app. It has everything that you need as an Android Photo editor. All the editing options such as crops, perception, and color corrections. With additional options like filters using multiple overlays. The app is easier to get around with not so many confusing tabs going through every nook and cranny of the option you are trying to use. It’s for a quick in and out photo edit with no extra bells and whistles to slow you down, other than quite a few annoying ads which will annoy you from time to time. However, you can update to the pro version to get rid of them.

10. VSCO

Love pictures and a social media hub to post them around? VCSCO has got you covered. It’s practically a social media app like Pinterest, which lets you post pictures you edited to the world. It has a built-in editor that enables you to do all the basic edits you need, like color corrections, lightings, and resizing. We can even modify things like brightness sharpness other minuscule little details before posting it on the platform.

While most of the features present in VSCO are free to use, there are many options present that is only accessible if you have bought the membership. Options like HSL tuning, which can create a noticeable difference if used in your edits. Also, many filters are locked behind the paywall. Annoying, but there’s always that option to buy into it.

11. Befunky

One of the latest addition to the “Best Photo Editing App” across different lists is BeFunky. It has garnered a fan following due to its Easy, spontaneous and feature rich app. Even a non-experienced user will have no problem navigating around the app as it has a very simple and easy to navigate interface. The images take action in real-time and can be compared real-time on the go. Every basic tools can be found right under the fingertips, instead of being hidden away under different tabs. There are also different filters and artsy effects for use.

While there are more premium features present, the free version is more than capable of fulfilling all your basic needs.

12. Instasize

This is a weird entry in the “Best Photo Editing App” for android, as it has a singular purpose only. Although you can use it for different purpose too. But Instasize as named, is used specifically for pics used for uploading to the famous social platform INSTAGRAM. This android photo editor can be used to create an Instagram post from 0 without any effort. The app contains everything that you need to beautify your pics. And frequent app updates provide new filters that match the ongoing seasons, providing always fresh methods to spice up your pictures. Overall a different kind of edit for the niche audience that likes this kind of stuff.

13. PicMonkey

Desktop users must have heard of the photo editing software present on desktop named PicMonkey. Well turns out they have a scaled down version present on android. With all the useful options present on the desktop variant, but streamlined for touch controls. This android photo editor has a similar albeit a less powerful version of the background remover like in iPhone portrait shots. The app also allows custom or premade templates for editing pics according to upload requirements of different social media platforms. Different texts and stickers can be added to the custom canvas present too for more versatile editing.

14. Polarr

This one is designed specifically for professionals who are looking to edit photos and looking for recommendations in our Best Photo Editing App list. This app is great for artists looking to edit all the nooks and cranny of a photo with very powerful tools present inside, which makes this app less friendly for people who are beginners. It takes a lot of time to get used to its complex options and navigate around the User Interface through a steep learning. But once mastered will allow the user to produce pics that are on a whole different level than the one taken at default.

15. Facetune

What if people just wanted to edit the portrait easily instead of navigating through a bunch of confusing options? The creators thought of this and created the popular app called Facetune. And is the only sole portrait editor in our list of Best Android Photo Editor. As the name suggests, it’s used to give the portrait we capture a professional look. It allows for quick edits such as skin smoother, blemish removal and teeth whitener all under easy to navigate tabs and slider. And the edits can be compared on the fly by just holding the pic in the center, and it will show the original pic for comparison. Which really helps to not go overboard with all the heavy edits and create a balance.

Closing Words

These android photo editor or apps are some of the best photo editing apps available on the play store that you can use to up your editing game. No matter how small a change you want in your photos, you can always rely on them to do it for you. Even though most phones come with a built-in photo editor these days which use strong AI, none can be as efficient and feature-rich as the ones mentioned above.

There’s something for everybody here. Some of them can even be used to create an original image that can be used as your Video thumbnails or icons, as some major companies do. All done through efficiency and quick options through the app.

Even though we have mentioned a handful of apps in our list of the best photo editing app for android, we highly recommend Snapseed, Lightroom, and Picsart to be carried in your phone for the best results no matter what picture you throw at them. One of them will surely cater to your needs. We hope you liked our last effort of android calendar apps as well as this one. Please feel free to let us know with your valuable comments.

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