Best Antivirus for Linux: 13 Recommended

Linux always gives a few steps ahead of reliance regarding security than other systems. But, it does not mean that Linux is out of danger from Trojan, malware, and other threats. Serious threats come for stronger things. Thereby, Linux being a reliable system always susceptive to more significant risks. As a Linux user, you must choose the best antivirus for Linux to remain safe from threats. Thus, we shall discuss some of the Linux antiviruses, which are excellent in protecting.

best antivirus for linux

Best Antivirus for Linux:  Efficacious and Recommended 13

This article will discuss the top 13 antiviruses to protect Linux. These are selected based on reviews, download volumes, analyzing AV-test, etc. We hope, after going through this article, you will be able and confident to choose the best antivirus for Linux. 

1. Bitdefender

Bitdefender is one of the best antiviruses for Linux with the technology named ‘Cutting-edge Cyber Security.’ It is highly used for business purposes. This Linux antivirus provides 100 licenses to protect small to medium-size businesses. Besides, it has an enterprise security version to mitigate the security of a more significant company. You can get 24/7 online support. The antivirus is full of features but has a very negligible impact on the system.

bitdefender best antivirus for Linux

Important Features

  • Runs ‘Vulnerabilities Assessment’ to show probable threats.
  • Checks the proper device configuration of staff in a business.
  • Detects Fileless Malware, which is a modern uprising threat.
  • Detects and removes the suspicious program using machine learning.
  • Provides security for dual-booted systems with deep archive scanning.
  • It offers both a graphical user interface and a command-line interface.

2. Comodo

Comodo is very easy-to-install and uses antivirus for home users. This antivirus for Linux is free. However, there is also a provision of paid enterprise packages. It provides real-time protection from viruses and on-demand scanning. Comodo has a mighty engine that uses ‘Default Deny Protection.’ It restricts the access of any file to important parts until it declares it as not-risky. 

Comodo is well known for its compatibility range. It is compatible with most OS, including Ubuntu, Redhat, Mint, Fedora, etc. After all, this antivirus for Linux is known to be weaker than its competitions. It can not perform web filtering or URL blocking.

comodo antivirus

Important Features

  • Very easy to install and use.
  • Uses the sandbox to run applications or browsers.
  • A virtual desktop can be used to maintain safety.
  • Compatible with server-side
  • Supports 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • You can get Behavior Analysis in real-time.
  • Provides 24/7 customer support. 


ESET NOD32 Antivirus is one of the best antiviruses for Linux, especially for newbies. This antivirus is well known for cybersecurity. It is very lightweight and puts a negligible effect on the system. ESET is compatible with most OS like Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian, etc.

You can install, configure, and use this best antivirus for Linux very quickly. The antivirus has no free version, but you can get a 30 days trial to experience its feature. It provides fewer features, but with these fewer features, it has a powerful malware detection capability. 


Important Features

  • Deals greatly with rootkits.
  • Warns early about risk using ThreatSense.NET System.
  • Sophisticated real-time security with scheduled or on-demand scans.
  • Detects trojans very strongly.
  • Provides security for Networks.
  • It has antispyware and sysInspector tools.
  • It contains a secure URL scanner.

4. Kaspersky

If you have multiple workstations with a different platform, but you want a single Linux antivirus to run all, then Kaspersky is a perfect choice. You can perform all jobs centrally as an administrator and control everything remotely. Kaspersky works best for providing security to any Hybrid IT environment. It offers five different packages based on the requirements. However, it lacks in providing email and web gateway protection.

kaspersky best antivirus for linux

Important Features

  • It Scans, detects and blocks any encryption that is not authorized.
  • Scans stored files continuously with Anti-crypto technology.
  • It allows you to manage and configure everything centrally.
  • Strong protection against ransomware.
  • Works simultaneously in the multi-operating system.
  • There are five different packages for different security levels.

5. Sophos

Sophos is another best antivirus for Linux, which works great for both home and business purposes. It is designed for file servers. This terminal base antivirus is a cross-platform antivirus. The antivirus is free, but you can avail it for one device. It runs smoothly in the background and has a minor effect on the system. Unfortunately, there are few terrible sites like the support team responds slower. It does not have a built-in GUI too. Anti-ransomware is also a paid feature in this antivirus.

sophos endpoint protection

Important Features

  • On-demand and real-time scanning.
  • Detects and removes worms and trojans.
  • Detects malware using heuristic analysis.
  • Block and remove non-Linux threats as well.
  • It provides firewall functions.
  • Detects and blocks online threats.
  • Protects websites from suspicious URLs. 

6. F-Secure Linux Antivirus

F- Secure antivirus comes with two different versions having a standard and individual features. One is ‘Full Edition,’ and another is ‘Command-Line Edition.’ The antivirus is designed for use in business purposes. You can avail of 30 days of a free trial. The Full Editing is user-friendly with GUI, but this is absent in Command-Line Edition. Moreover, this antivirus does not provide any feature on email scanning.

f secure best antivirus for linux

Important Features

  • Detects and removes viruses and malware.
  • Real-time protection against viruses in Full Edition.
  • Controls all terminals centrally with F-secure in Full Edition.
  • Runs quietly in the background without affecting the system.
  • Checks every possible attack with ‘integrity checking.’
  • Fights strongly against cyberattacks. 

7. ClamAV

ClamAV is famous and known as the best antivirus for Linux. This antivirus is an entirely free, open source and versatile antivirus. It is a terminal base and droll platform security system. ClamAV functions with a command-line interface; however, you can manage with GUI after downloading. This security system for Linux is designed to protect sensitive data. The installation process is straightforward.


Important Features

  • Command-line interface scanner.
  • Detects trojans very efficiently.
  • POSIX compliant.
  • Updates virus database.
  • Protects against archive bombs.
  • On-demand scanning.
  • Mail gateway security for all mail formats.
  • Provides security for both server and desktop.


F-Prot is an excellent antivirus for detecting and removing threats. This antivirus comes with three different packages. It is an excellent choice for both home and enterprise use. However, you can only avail of the free version for home use. F-Port works excellent to protect your system but puts a shallow impact on the system. 

f prot best antivirus for linux

Important Features

  • Supports 32 and 64 bit
  • On-demand and scheduled scanning.
  • Protects from Trojans, Boot sector viruses, and macro viruses.
  • Detects 2119958 viruses with their derivatives. 
  • Uses cron for scheduled scanning.
  • Protects against ransomware. 
  • Uses heuristics for detecting threats.

9. Avast Core Antivirus

Avast Core Antivirus is an outstanding security system for both home and commercial purposes. It works excellently in a dual booted system and detects and removes threats. Avast is very lightweight and impacts very little in the system. It is also the right choice for network security. However, this Linux antivirus does not come free. You can avail of 30 days of a free trial.


Important Features 

  • Supports software architectures of 32 and 64 bit.
  • Real-time protection
  • Anti-spyware.
  • On-demand and scheduled scanning
  • Mail server protection
  • Web filter.
  • Core scanner with real-time anti-malware.

10. Chkrootkit

Chkrootkit is a local Linux scanner for rootkit, which you can run from live CD and USB. It has a command-line interface. The antivirus is an expert in detecting and removing rootkits and kernel-based malware. This lightweight security system for Linux can detect around 70 rootkits. 


Important Features

  • Specialist in rootkit detection.
  • Detects and removes around 70 rootkits.
  • Detects kernel-based malware.
  • Very lightweight and portable.
  • Terminal based.
  • It can deal with multiple errors.

11. RootKit Hunter

Rootkit Hunter is a portable security solution for Linux. This security solution resolves backdoors, rootkits, and any other local exploits. It is a lightweight, open source security monitoring system that is available for both FreeBSD and Linux. This hunter has a command-line interface.

rootkit hunter best antivirus for linux

Important Features

  • Deep inspection capability.
  • Detects malicious intruders using SHA-1 hash comparison.
  • Works in most UNIX based systems.
  • Detects rootkit, backdoor.
  • Portable and lightweight. 

12. ClamTK Linux Antivirus

We have already come to know about a popular Linux antivirus named ClamAV. ClamAV lack in GUI, and thereby ClamTK comes with the same impression but with GUI. So, it is a very user-friendly antivirus. It works great in detecting malware and trojans. Perl and Gtk libraries were used to write the software.


Important Features

  • Scans on-demand or as scheduled.
  • It works smoothly and faster.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Can make a selective scan with the ‘white list’ feature.
  • Supports scanning of all file managers of all prominent desktop environments.

13. Armadito 

Armadito is an excellent virus scanner for Linux. Like other security solutions, Armadito also scans and removes malware, trojans, and other threats. You can run the software on a server or traditional PC backed by Linux. It has a very user-friendly interface. Armadito is also considered as the best antivirus for Linux.

armadito antivirus

Important Features

  • Detects new malware using heuristic detection.
  • Easy to use with many ClamAV tools.
  • Reliable alert system to take action against threats.
  • Scans detect and remove malware, trojans, and other threats.
  • Multi-platform.

Final Words

Linux sounds secure, and it is. But you can’t always rely on that. The stronger OS you create, the stronger viruses will be created against that. This 13 Linux antivirus will help you to keep your system safe. We hope the features and specifications stated that all the viruses would help you to find the best antivirus for Linux.

You are always welcome if there are any suggestions or ideas regarding the best antivirus for Linux. Any suggestions will be highly motivated and educated. If you liked our effort, please share it with everyone.

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