Best Calendar Apps for Android in 2022

The Calendar is the most helpful tool in our daily life. Paper calendars have been great for remembering dates, trashing out, and keeping track of family birthdays for hundreds of years. Calendar apps are currently taking the place of paper calendars. There are many calendar apps available nowadays; in this article, we will describe some top-rated and best calendar apps for android.  

Surprisingly, the technology behind the android calendar apps has improved significantly over the years. Most calendar apps can be used as databooks with various customization features. There are tons of alternatives to choose from in the Google Play Store. Here in this article, we’ve covered the best 25 calendar apps for android.


23 Best Calendar Apps for Android in 2022

If you search for the calendar app in the play store you will find a huge number of calendar apps there. Here we make a shortlist fo the 25 best calendar apps for your try and perfect selection.


1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the most popular and one of The best calendar apps for android available on the planet. It contains all the basic features of a calendar into a more satisfactory design. You can toggle between manage or view tasks calendar views and get all your calendar data in one place. Google App can automatically synchronize events to your Calendar from Gmail, Google Workspace, and many other related apps. 



Important Features

  • Google Calendar has a user-friendly interface, calendar add-ons, and many other fun things. 
  • Google updates it fairly and frequently with new features. 
  • It’s completely free without any in-app purchases.

Download Google Calendar

2. Business Calendar 2 Planner

Business Calendar is one of the most widespread calendar apps for android. The app acts as the complete personal organizer, giving you the features of a calendar, schedule planner, and task organizer. The app can sync with Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, and other apps to show everything in one place. Also, there are several customization options, widgets, themes, and calendar opinions. Suppose you use the Business Calendar 2 app to respond to meeting invitations or invite people to your event. It is free to download and use with ads, and there is also a premium version, which you can unlock with a one-time charge. 

Important Features

  • It has about seven calendar widgets, two dozen themes, and lots of calendar looks.
  • It also supports Exchange Calendar and Google Calendar apps for android, as any good business calendar should have. 
  • It even has weather information with everything.

Download Business Calendar 2 Planner

3. DigiCal Calendar Agenda

DigiCal Calendar is a solid calendar app, and this is the most popular other than the calendar app for android. It has a material design, a dark theme, lots of add-ons, and much more. Some add-ons include sports calendars, TV schedules, and more than 500,000 other events. Other features include support for themes, weather information, calendar widgets, Google Calendar, Exchange Calendar, and Outlook Calendar.

Important Features

  • DigiCal Calendar integrates global TV and sports schedules.
  • DigiCal has a paid version called DigiCal + with more useful features.

Download DigiCal Calendar Agenda

4. aCalendar

Inside aCalendar, you can get holiday indications, more color options, business features, work support, and many more. It is trendy in the community and one of the best calendar apps for android. Its developer firm pays off ten percent of all app revenue to save Rainforest. aCalendar contains basic elements like different date scenes, reminders, notifications, and much more. You can use it for free with advertising, but you can also buy it with in-app purchases. 

Important Features

  • aCalendar allows you to create recurring events.
  • aCalendar has a weekly planner.
  • aCalendar has a monthly planner.

Download aCalendar

5. TimeTree

If you are searching for a friendly calendar app for your whole family, friends group, or team members, TimeTree may be the answer. This shared calendar app lets everyone view the same Calendar and add events to it, and this calendar app for android is a great essential tool. 

Important Features

  • Time Tree can create multiple shared calendars for different needs. 
  • With this app, users can also chat at each event.
  • TimeTree also has a memo feature that helps you plan many tasks. 
  • This app is free to download and also use but includes ads.

Download Time Tree

6. Proton Calendar

You should try this app if you’re searching privacy-conscious and don’t appreciate your calendar provider accessing your data. The Proton Calendar app is presently in beta from the developers of ProtonMail, so you may have some bugs. It has end-to-end encryption so no one, including Proton, can see your calendar data. In addition, there are no ads or trackers to keep everything secret. In complement to the basics of the calendar apps for android, this app lets you create recurring events and schedule appointments at any timezone. 

Important Features

  • Proton Calendar can add multiple notifications to any event. 
  • Proton Calendar is available on the web, and an iOS version is coming soon. 
  • It’s free to download and use.

Download Proton Calendar

7. Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

Calendar Widget by Home Agenda is a relatively new app than others. It incorporates Google Calendar for everything except reminders. It boasts a clean UI with clean and customizable calendar widgets. You can change the theme a bit and even show or hide the events as you see fit. It’s slightly different in this space, but it’s one of the best widget Calendar apps for android.

Important Features

  • Show grouped events per day or a single list.
  • Grouped event titles are fully customizable.
  • Month free download and use with ads.

Download Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

8. Calendar Notify

This widget-based Calendar is excellent for looking at your schedule; they are only visible on certain home screen pages. So you want to see your Calendar in more places, Calendar Notify is a handy app among other best calendar apps for android. It is a better option for your existing calendar app and keeps your Calendar in the shadow of your notifications. You will also receive regular widgets. The app lets you change how your Calendar looks in the shadow of notifications. Additionally, you can back up or restore your app settings. There is a premium version that uncloses some extra features. The premium version gets more advanced customization tools. 

Important Features

  • Calendar notifications are free to download and use. 
  • The best calendar apps for android work basically without any problems. 
  • Still, the big attraction of this app is customization and control users move to the top of their calendars.
  • In this app, you’ll find Google Calendar as well as any other calendar with Android Calendar support. 

Download Calendar Notify

9. Simple Calendar

As with its name, Simple Calendar is really a simple calendar which is its main feature. It does not connect to external calendars like Google Calendar or anything like that. However, there is optional CalDAV support. Also, the Calendar is almost completely off the grid.

This is the best calendar app for android other than any independent app. This app’s better option is this app works for people who want some minimalism. Additionally, it’s suitable for those who don’t want to store everything in the cloud.

Important Features

  • It is completely open-source and relatively inexpensive. 
  • Simple Calendar is an incredibly customizable offline calendar app for Android mobile phones.

Download Simple Calendar

10. is our best all-around calendar app. Available on mobile and desktop platforms. However, it shines on mobile with an easy-to-use interface that gives you all the tools and information you need on small touchscreens.

It easily integrates with existing calendar applications to import events and colors different calendars and events to help keep everything organized. It’s not as deep as some special business calendar apps for android, but it’s a great way to keep your meetings and appointments for most people.

Important Features

  • It supports sub-tasks, notes, and file attachments.
  • It works for adding listings, assigning tasks, and adding comments via chat.
  • It gives us reminders one time, repetitive, and position based reminders.


11. Microsoft Outlook

This is the oldest app you might think of when looking for a calendar, and Microsoft Outlook on Android is great. It integrates your email with Gmail and Calendar into one app so you can manage both hits.

Microsoft Outlook is a great option if you want to access your email and Calendar in one place, with the support of great features. Event icons are just a feature Sunrise Team has brought to the fold. Next time you create an event, try typing “coffee” or “lunch” and see what happens in your agenda view.

Important Features

  • Outlook lets you obtain all your email accounts and calendars together in one convenient place.
  • Being your most productive, organized, and connected self is easy.

Download Microsoft Outlook

 12. Woven

Woven is basically an intelligent schedule assistant calendar. You can integrate the software with all your relevant calendars; work, personal, family, whatever you have. Using Woven, you gain the ability to simplify your schedule in multiple dynamic ways. 

When someone calls you for a meeting, you can use Bona to create a one-time scheduling link that will display that person your available days and times. When you’re trying to find the right time for a group of people to get together – for a private meeting or, perhaps in the present moment, a video-based encounter – you can create a group poll that provides all the dates that work for you. 

Offer an open schedule for anything from counseling to quick help sessions. You can use Bona to create a permanent, universal schedule link. It lets anyone click through to see the time available on your Calendar and then easily find one that works for them. Let’s select options and secure them.

Important Features

  • Woven fabric is made of plain, twill, or satin weave.
  • It is produced in Weaving.
  • If the fabric is light in color, a cut of black material is placed underneath it or vice versa.

Visit Woven Official Website

13. SolCalendar 

One of the lead picks from the range, SoloCalendar offers a lot more than just a regular calendar. It is almost the best-designed calendar app for android and is often referred to as a life management tool.

Important Features

  • It has a nicely designed user interface.
  • It is neat, responsive, and easy to use.
  • Three different calendar view layout features view it agenda, month, and day.
  • Features a wide selection of charming stickers to mark your special days and events.

Download SolCalendar

14. Today Calendar

Want a pretty cute calendar app on your smartphone? You can try ‘Today Calender’, the best calendar app for android. It comes with a material design that provides quite vivid and dark colors. The app has a fairly simple navigation system that can be used. It offers a nice little alternative to existing feature-heavy laggings. 

Important Features

  • Entering an event or appointment is quick and easy.
  • This app has the same elements as Google Calendar, only with a more elegant interface.

Learn more and Download Today Calendar

15. Jorte Calendar 

Jorte Calendar is a hack of a customizable calendar app that carries the tone of an organizer. It has multiple customizable options with a personal touch for subtle integration. The app has monthly and weekly view columns and strongly offers cloud support.

Important Features

  • It comes with a sync option for Google Calendar and a voice control option. 
  • The context can be imported into another CSV format for use.

Download Jorte Calendar

16. Touch Calendar

If you are bothered by a constant need to flip through the views of other Calendar apps for android, Touch Calendar will be helpful for you. It comes with a full calendar and has the option to tap, zoom and scroll more.

It can sync with Google Calendar and offers exciting options for integration. Additionally, you can use the app with your finger gestures.

Important Features

  • Touch Calendar fits with various Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets.
  • The free version comes with ads.

Download Touch Calendar

17. Calengoo

Calengoo Calander offers a friendly integration that can be easily used. It offers sync options with stock calendars on android, for example, Google Calendar, and has a wide variety of customizable options. The app comes with interchangeable event colors and can be configured in different viewing modes. It provides weather forecasts with recurring events in the vicinity. This allows users to drag and drop to change their events and schedules simply.

Important Features

  • CalenGoo is a calendar, to-do list, contacts, and email program.
  • It can quickly create new events by dragging a template or contact into the Calendar.
  • It supports English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Visit Calengoo Official Website

18. Informant 5

The Informant calendar app is an ideal calendar app for a large number of users. In addition, it comes with a clear interface that offers a great organized look like many other Android calendar apps. The app brings together all calendars, tasks, notes, and contacts in one place for better viewing. The app has an automatic backup option and integrates changeable themes. 

Important Features

  • Informant integrates with TextExpander for macro support.
  • It follows color coding.
  • It can be used in the month view of the month like a normal physical calendar.

Download Informant 5

19. Cal – Google Calendar, Widget, Task

This app is the most excellent calendar app for android. The Calendar app has a unique offer that is prevalent in the market and has an easy-to-use flow-type design. It comes with multiple features like existing Google Calendar support, widget viewing, prediction, and more.

Important Features

  • It can also be integrated with many other calendars, making it an excellent option for those who want to use two apps simultaneously. 
  • The app comes without any in-app purchase and is completely free to use.

Download Cal

20. Tiny Calendar

Tiny Calendar is a no-frills, stripped-down calendar app, and if you find something to like in its many clear and readable views, this is a tough choice. Unfortunately, moving between these scenes is not as fast as other calendar apps for android. And the mini-calendar sticks to the basics without the natural language support or another flair.

Important Features

  • It works when you don’t have an internet connection; you can still create, edit and delete events.
  • Tiny Calendar lets you set reminders for all events via push notifications or email.
  • Tiny Calendar works with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. You don’t need to pay extra to download multiple copies.

Download Tiny Calendar

21. Wave Calendar

Wave is a gorgeous calendar apps for android that doesn’t do much to stand out. It has really great viewing options with a clear split agenda and month view and lets you subscribe to interesting calendars for 1.34 per piece. It’s clear and easy to read but a little slow to navigate.

Important Features

  • Beautiful and intuitive interface.
  • Color code events and calendars.
  • It integrated an invitation handler.
  • Complex recurring events.
  • Event notifications.

Download Weve Calendar

22. Cloud Cal Calendar

Unlike other calendar apps for android, Cloud Cal does not regularly display scheduled meetings and appointments, such as daily and weekly views. However, it uses an innovative way to show how many appointments you have in one day. Cloud Cal does this by displaying visual signals of different colors to represent aligned meetings. When you click on a circle, all that day’s information is displayed at the bottom of the app.

Important Features

  • Cloud Cal presents various works by coloring parts of circles.
  • If it is for a birthday, it will display a complete circle. 
  • The main purpose of Cloud Cal is to give users an idea of ​​how busy their day is.

Download Cloud Cal Agenda Planner

23. SavvyCal

SavvyCal can automatically schedule and integrate with iCal, one of Apple’s Calendar apps, and Google Calendar. It can constantly sync with those apps to make sure everyone’s availability is up to date.

SavvyCal also loads other users on the schedule page to see when others in your group are available. This speeds up the meeting schedule process and reduces front and back. It integrates with Zoom, Japier, and Google Meet, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling between those apps.

Important Features

  • Calendar Management.
  • Employee Scheduling.
  • Group Scheduling.
  • Meeting Room Booking.
  • Appointment Scheduling.
  • Automated Scheduling.
  • Online Scheduling.

Download SavvyCal


Ending words

Searching for the best calendar apps for android that fulfill your needs is more than any other way to track your schedule. Today’s alternatives combine with your most-used software available on the Play Store. Using these apps, you can sync up with your coworkers and loved ones; and many of them are free.

The apps mentioned above are the most popular and useful calendar apps for android that you can use for your daily purposes. These apps can make your day quite manageable and easy to understand. You can use the best Calendar app to organize your daily events and schedules effectively.


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