20 Best Email Apps for Android to Organize Your Mails

From news to weather, entertainment to communication, we depend on our smartphones for everything. Email apps are essential in our daily smartphone activities, and we can’t ignore them. Although we sometimes spend hours finding the best email apps for Android, we often get stuck in the default email app regardless of available options.

The 20 Best Email Apps for Android You Should Try as Per Your Requirements

We’ve compiled this list of the best email apps for Android devices, with a selection of email clients with innovative features and a modern user experience

1. Gmail from Google

There’s a very high chance that Google Gmail is pre-installed on your Android smartphone, but we haven’t been able to prevent this popular email client from being featured anyway. With Gmail, you’ll get 15 GB of free online storage, including Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Docs, and access to other Google products and services, making it the best email app for Android. 

Gmail attachment file size limit is 25 MB, almost double what you get with other email services, and it has several useful features to help you communicate with those you love. We leave it up to you to decide if Gmail is the best email app for Android, but the fact that more than 1.2 billion people on the planet use it says a lot about it.

One thing many users dislike about Gmail is that its design changes frequently and sometimes dramatically. Google does not want to lag behind its competitors, and the company is constantly working on new features and experiments with various design and usability changes. If you don’t like the change, Gmail may surprise you occasionally and not in a good way.

Important Features

  • 15 GB free storage space.
  • 25 Mb Attachment size.
  • It integrates with other Google products.
  • Reliable and safe. 
  • Most are pre-installed on Android devices.

 Install Gmail App

2. Microsoft Outlook

According to Microsoft’s answer to Gmail, modern Outlook is the best email app for Android. It’s an enterprise-grade Windows application that everyone hated using but couldn’t live without it. Microsoft has redesigned Outlook and created a great and user-friendly email client for Android to make it accessible to all.

In addition to Microsoft’s email services, Outlook for Android also works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail. We recommend that you try Outlook because you can use your Outlook account as your Windows. Microsoft Outlook comes up with some strategies that will make you excited. Perhaps the biggest sarcasm is that including a photo as an attachment is currently impossible. The only way to send a picture with an email message is to entrench it instantly in the part of the body of the email, which is not always desirable.

Important Features

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Works with Microsoft Exchange  

Install MS Outlook

 3. VMware Boxer

You probably wouldn’t expect a company known for its sophisticated virtualization software solutions to develop radically innovative best mail apps for Android email clients, but VMware did. As the company calls its email client, Boxer has been nominated for the Mobile Productivity App of the Year and has received rave thoughts from several influential technology magazines and websites.

At its core, Boxer has features like bulk editing and quick replies to make emails work smarter and faster. The app depends on the belief that storage space is cheaper than time. It prefers bulk email organization and sprinkles it with intuitive gestures and support for multiple email accounts.

VMware Boxer isn’t as polished as the other apps featured in this article as a relatively young email app. If you only stick to the most basic features, you can expect the app to crash from time to time.

Important Features

  • Customizable swipe gestures.
  • Innovative bulk email company.
  • Support for multiple email accounts

Install VMware Boxer

4. K-9 Mail

K-9 is the best email apps for Android, which is a perfect email client for open-source software supporters. Despite being K-9 Mail has a community-driven project, many functions, and IMAP, POP3, and Exchange 2003/2007 better support (including WebDAV) than many of the larger company’s email clients.

It allows us to support multiple accounts, search, IMAP push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signing, BCC-shelf, PGP / MIME, and more, all for free and hosted on GitHub. The K-9 mail is probably not comparable to many other great mail apps for Android because it has a modern user interface, and it sometimes seems a bit old.

Unfortunately, K-9 Mail is no longer in active development since the last update was released in September 2018. Because of that, many users running the latest version of the Android operating system have reported email synchronization, notifications, and authentication. Authentication if you don’t have an old smartphone, you should probably look for a new Android email app.

Important Features

  • Community-powered email app.
  • Support for multiple accounts.

 Install K-9 Mail

5. Aqua Mail

Connecting Aqua Mail to your favorite cloud hosting solution (like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, or Google Drive), you gain the ability to Aqua Mail is a trendy best email apps for Android with vast customization options seamless yet effective interface. By Aqua Mail, you can send and receive emails from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, Apple, GMX, AOL, and other backup and restore emails with just a few clicks.

Aqua Mail has a wide range of powerful features, including a Home Screen Widget, Smart Folder, Exchange and Calendar Sync for Office 365, a different email signature for each account, and instant reply via voice input from the Android Wear Smartwatch. Many of these features are only available through in-app purchases, some of which are somewhat expensive.

Important Features

  • Plane of Useful Features.
  • It Supports Modern Authentication Methods.
  • It Works with Android bare devices.

  Install Aqua Mail

6. Blue Mail

Blue Mail is an enterprise-ready email client that virtually supports all popular email providers and IMAP, POP3, and Exchange (ActiveSync, EWS, 365). It allows users to specify when they want to receive new emails, including customizable mobile notifications. All of the above facilities make it one of the best email apps for Android. It also can display rich-text signatures, allowing you to impress your business partners with your company logo and beautifully formatted contact information.

Since Blue Mail comes with an integrated calendar, widgets, and many unique email management features, it can set up everything and take a while to get used. Blue Mail will reward you with its intelligent and elegant user experience if you cross the steep learning curve.

Important Features

  • Can synchronize multiple inboxes from all of your providers.
  • Integrated calendar.
  • Dynamic smart conversation.

 Install Blue Mail

7. Newton Mail

Newton Mail is a powerful and one of the best email apps for Android. It’s not a traditional email client but a subscription-based email service designed to simplify email organization. Newton Mail works with Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365, and IMAP accounts. This app helps you keep your inbox Sender Profile, Connected Apps, and more.

At the moment of writing, Newton Mail has a pretty low rating in the Google Play Store. The main reason for this rating is that the app now costs $ 49.99 / year, although it was free. Many reviewers said they would gladly pay the price if it were a one-time payment and not a recurring subscription.

Important Features

  • It works with popular email services.
  • Send the ability to undo snooze. 
  • It organized enhances your email experience with reading Receipts. 

Install Newton Mail

8. Yandex.Mail

Yandex.Mail is an excellent and free email service from the Russian corporation Yandex. It starts with 10 GB of free storage and supports email attachments more significant than 25 MB for integration with Yandex, which makes it the best email app for Android. Disk is a cloud service created by Yandex. Yandex.Mail’s official Android app is polished, enabled, and accessible. If you have a legally common name and are always struggling to register a decent email address with Western email service providers, Yandex.Mail may be what you need.

Do not be surprised if you encounter a mistranslated sentence that doesn’t make much sense in English. Fortunately, this does not happen often, and the Yandex and the mail translation team always resolve all issues reported to them quickly.

Important Features

  • Built-in spam protection.
  • Dark theme.
  • Integration with Yandex.Disk.

Install Yandex.Mail

 9. Edison Mail

Edison Mail is one of the most excellent designed email clients in the Google Play Store and the best email apps for Android, winner of the Google Play Store 2017 Android Superiority program. It works with email providers including Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, Exchange, IMAP, Alto, iCloud, etc. Edison Mail features an intelligent personal assistant who manages your inbox for you and answers your questions instantly, significantly reducing the time it takes to find information from emails.

Edison Mail launched a dark mode to simplify the Eye Email app at night. Dark Mode is undoubtedly a welcome addition, but it can also use some polishing to fix various readability issues and the bugs that come with it.

Important Features

  • Elegant email client.
  • It comes with an intelligent personal assistant.
  • There is a dark mode.

Install Edison Mail

10. Cleanfox

Cleanfox is not an email client, but it is helpful for email users. It helps you unsubscribe from the many possible things you have to subscribe to somehow. You associate your email accounts with the app, and it finds all your subscriptions. If you want to do this, it leaves you unsubscribing from them. Such different features make it one of the best email apps for Android. 

Important Features

  • It can delete old emails from those subscriptions and help you manage things in other ways.
  • This app is free, and it is not difficult to use. 
  • It works for most complaints, and bugs exist, but Cleanfox does what it can.

Install Cleanfox

11. Spark email

Spark is a new and the best email app for Android in the email block, and it launched in early 2019 with a positive review. There are many essential things to do, including sleeping emails, sending emails later, reminders, and pinned emails, and you can undo the mail sent.

Additionally, that app is clean, and you can view individual email addresses together or separately in a shared inbox. We’re big fans of the universal inbox here. The big claim of the app for fame is its smart inbox which filters trash emails only for essential things. It’s a neat feature, but apart from that, Spark is a great email client that supports most email addresses.

Important Features

  • It works for Smart notifications means you will receive notifications only when you receive important emails.
  • Spark email favorites for recent views, attachments, and calendars.

Install Spark Email

12. TypeApp Email

TypeApp Email has printing support and other valuable features that make it the best email app for Android, over others. It supports Wear OS and has many themes, a dark mode, and other customization features. TypeApp email is a fairly run-of-the-mill email client, and it does all the things you expect. It includes support for most email services, a unified inbox, push notifications, rich text email, and wireless. 

It certainly won’t blow your mind. However, it is a good, simple email app that does what it says. We chose the Material Design UI and the relatively simple method of switching accounts in our experiments. In any case, it’s good; it’s not exciting.

Important Features

  • Instant push notification.
  • To do anything. Set email for later. 
  • Visually touching. Flat design. 
  • Private and secure. Industry-leading encryption.

Install TypeApp Email

13. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is a great email client for security-minded people. The app prides itself on end-to-end email encryption, which means that the two people who can read your emails are you and the person you are emailing. This unique feature makes ProtonMail the best email apps for Android over any others. The app boasts the most common things like OpenPGP support, self-destruct email (where supported), and labels and company features.

It saves Emails to a server regardless, that server is completely encrypted, and no one can read them, not even ProtonMail. Many features require a ProtonMail account, but this is as good as security if you don’t set up your server.

Important Features

  • It provides an extra layer of safety by ensuring that your encrypted emails are not easily accessible to any third party.
  • It has extra privacy for users of sensitive professions (journalists or staff).

Install Protom Mail

14. Nine

Nine does not boast any server or cloud features, and the app connects you to the email service. If you are concerned about security, Nine is the best email apps for Android. 

On the lid of that, it has support for Conversation Active Sync, which is acceptable for any app proud of Exchange support. You have various options, including choosing which folders you want to sync, Wear OS support, etc. It’s relatively expensive as far as email clients go, and there are a few bugs here and there. However, business is more geared towards users.

Important Features

  • It supports active exchange sync.
  • It also helps with shortcut email service.

Install Nine

15. Spike

Several apps claim to be the best at converting email threads into a chat interface, but Spike does it best in our testing. One of the reasons we like its chat-like experience the most is the simplicity and intuition of its user interface. However, this is the reason why we rank it as the best email apps for Android on our list.  

Messages always look clear and come with many convenient options for media attachments. In multiplication to attaching a file or photo, there are integrations for sharing files from Spike’s stored cloud accounts (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive), sending doodles, drawing and audio recordings, finding and inserting GIFs, as well as creating.

Important Features

  • Spike always works for a clean message look.
  • From reading receipts to calendar sync, there are plenty of options in this email app for Android to make it easy to stay connected to work.

Install Spike

16. Missive

Missive email clients have a chat feature to discuss an email internally before the sender replies. These apps’ interfaces were so confusing that we accidentally replied to emails with messages for internal group discussion. For its extraordinary features, we can say Missive is one of the best email apps for Android. At MCEV, chatting with your team at the bottom of any message is virtually impossible, thanks to a marked text box.

You can further organize emails with options for this app such as Unassigned, Assigned to Me, Closed, and Assigned to others. This email app for Android is better than any other app.

Most of today’s customers expect customer service responses within 10 minutes or less. That helps for a shared inbox, such as support@mycompany.com. However, simply providing login credentials to everyone in your customer service team will create a logical nightmare. Missed streamline shared inboxes with a laundry list of features to ensure everyone knows the email’s status.

Important Features

  • It has many options, which are filtering inboxes by category from the app menu.
  • It works by digging into the Preferences menu and opens up more options for organization, message notifications, and team collaboration. 

Install Massive

17. Cloze

Cloze combines email, contact, note, and relationship management, starting with his excellent onboarding practice. After giving Cloze access to your email, you’ll have the opportunity to connect to cloud profiles like Dropbox and Slack and your Android’s call history, making it the best email apps for Android. You will then ask how you would use the app for sales, consulting, freelance, hiring, donor management, etc. The app works by analyzing your existing message history.

The People tab provides a complete overview of each contact, including a timeline for email, call, and calendar events. Cloze scores each touch based on how many conversations you’ve had.

Important Features

  • By using this app, you can take sensitive information, such as your email, messages, and passwords, which are always encrypted.
  • “Cloze is ridiculously smart”- Ruben Caro, United Real Estate.

Install Cloze

18. Mail.ru – Email App

This app is very useful for working with different mailboxes simultaneously. It allows you to receive, send emails, and share photos and documents. You can get instantaneous notifications of your mail or messages. Mail.ru provides you the flexibility to adjust the parameters of push notifications like adjusting time, folders, and services. The app also has powerful filtering to protect spam. 

Important Features

  • Receive and send attachments.
  • Manage emails with a simple swipe.
  • Provision of automatic email sorting.

Install Mail.ru-Email App

19. OEM stock email apps

OEM stock generally supports the basics, such as multiple email logins, different email clients, forwarding, archiving, deleting, etc. Many are probably looking for more than just this list. It is one of the best email apps for Android email applications that comes with the phone and works quite well. 

However, OEM stock email apps on your device are usually as simple, clean, and simple as possible. In addition, virtually none of them have ads, cost any money, or anything like that. It is a good option if you need something very simple, and those who need power user features should not use them.

Important Features

  • This app works for virtually none of them have ads, cost any money, or anything like that.
  • If these OEM stock email apps are already on your phone, you can’t take up any extra storage. 

20. Individual Third-Party Clients

There is an advantage to using individual apps only for your email service. We’ve listed Gmail above, for example, Outlook has a focused inbox feature that sorts emails by importance, and it integrates directly with Microsoft’s Calendar service. Yahoo Mail has a travel view, more granular notification options, and themes. As per users necessary, all of them are the best email apps for Android.

If you only have one email and it is not a Gmail account, you may consider using the official app to get the most out of it. Nevertheless, others like Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo Mail do not.

Ending Words

Before choosing the best email apps for Android, you need to understand your Android email habits and requirements and decide. Are you using your inbox as a to-do list and need a company? Are you using it primarily for scheduling and standard calendar integration? Do you value security above all else? When you ask yourself these and other questions, keep in mind that your answers may differ when searching for mobile apps.

Think about what you like about other mobile communication apps (chat apps) and choose an Android email client with similar benefits.

We understand your problem, and that’s why trying to use some apps and then giving you some solutions is better. So if you want, you can choose this app for your better improvement.

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