Best Linux Distro For Beginners

So, you’ve heard a lot about Linux, but you never dared to have a try. Let’s enter the open-source world and start using the Linux and be a part of history. These stories allow you to understand the complexity of configuring Linux and first choose a Linux distribution from many Linux distros. Ok, you don’t have to worry because we are providing you information for the best Linux Distro for beginners. 

What is Linux? And What is a “Distro”?

Like Windows and Mac OS X, Linux operating system is another active and leading operating system. Linux is not just a simple operating system for desktop users. It’s being used in a wide range of computing in our surroundings. Web Servers, mobiles, cars, medical diagnostic machines almost everywhere Linux is being used successfully. 

It is the most secure, stable, open-source operating system available, and its best part is completely free. Linux is an operating system for everyone, from beginner to high-level expert.

As an open-source operating system, many community contributions and improving Linux as their own. It is why Linux has different “styles” called “Linux distros” each with different characteristics. For example, there are specialized Linux distros, such as Linux distros for gaming, programming Linux distros, server distributions, and older PC distributions. Some other distros are:

  • Privacy-oriented delivery, such as queues
  • Breaking the launch of Cali
  • UbuntuStudio audio and other audio/video production distributions
  • And there’s much more

Often, these professional distributions not recommended to everyone; they are handy for people who need them. However, they are not ideal for general use. So, even if you’re not a player, you can use a Linux gaming distribution, even if technically possible. You can customize and install any compatible software in any distribution, regardless of type. We focus on general-purpose beginners without the need for complex installations and custom tasks.

Best Linux Distro for Beginners

We have to keep it pure and provide the best Linux distro for beginners. We start with Windows or macOS distributions that are lightweight, optimized, and run on older computers, and are excellent for everyday drivers. Now, we are going to talk about 10 Best Linux distros for beginners.  

1. Linux Mint

Linux Mint is designed to simplify ease of use and provide a ready-to-use experience. Anyone who changes Windows finds this version very intuitive and give you a feeling. The installation itself is more comfortable than most Linux distros and comes with all the necessary software to get started quickly. Unlike most Linux, Mint includes proprietary third-party browser plug-ins, Java, media codecs, and more.

linux mint best linux distro for beginners

Mint has different desktop versions, including Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce. Cinnamon represents the most modern, innovative, and versatile desktop computer, elegant and beautiful. MATE based on a classic desktop environment and its primary function is stability. Finally, Xfce is the lightest version that easily used in any new and old configuration. With all these capabilities and qualities, it has become one of the best Linux Distros for beginners.

2. Ubuntu

Our next distro to discuss is Ubuntu. If you have searched Linux on the Internet, you have the opportunity to find it. Undoubtedly, Ubuntu is one of the best Linux distros available today. Possibly, most of the people will say that Ubuntu is the best Linux distro for beginners. 


Since it was the first release of the Linux operating system designed to simplify Linux and make it available to the public, installing Ubuntu is comfortable and has all the features you need immediately. It has a software center, so it is easy to find and install applications. As the most popular Linux distribution, it has the most significant community extensions and is updated regularly to ensure your system is always safe and up to date. It is the most widely used distribution on servers and desktops. 

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3. Elementary Operating System

The elementary operating system is one of the most attractive Linux distros. It has many custom applications, including photos, music, videos, calendars, terminals.


And a custom desktop called Pantheon, which I think macOS users pleasure. It based on Ubuntu and, therefore, has all the known benefits, from a fast and straightforward installation to App center with a quick configuration. A relatively light and stable distribution runs on almost any version. Be sure to update regularly so that your system works like a dream.

4. Peppermint

 Another great highlight is Mint. A stable cloud-oriented distribution based on Ubuntu. This version is unique in its unique desktop environment, hybrid of LXDE and Xfce, similar to the Windows user interface.


So it is again suitable for changing Windows users. Another advantage of this version is the ease of integration with web applications through the Ice application. All in all, I recommend you try this version, mainly due to its low system requirements and its simple user interface.

5. Solus

Go ahead; we have Solus OS, which is a bit special. A beautiful new Linux operating system that is not based on anything. It is a new beginning, and this is not a bad thing at all. Everything is built internally, from the full-featured Budgie version to the most familiar Gnome version and the lightest MATE version, with three flavors so that you can choose.

solus best linux distro for beginners

It is a simple and reliable operating system that should be updated frequently, so if you’re tired of Ubuntu-based distributions and want to try something new, that’s one. At the same time, this is the best Linux distro for beginners.

Now, to meet the needs of those who want to buy a sophisticated operating system on some of the most advanced hardware to get the job done and play some fun games, we recommend:

6. Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux is a new widespread distribution and for a good reason. It is a fast, beautiful, easy-to-use, and desktop-oriented Linux operating system distribution. It has an easy to use installer and contains everything you need to preinstall.

manjaro linx distros

The highlight of Manjaro is its excellent hardware support, thanks to its hardware detection manager. And, if you have questions and seek assistance, Manjaro has an active community and is willing to help. Some people may argue that beginners should not use Manjaro, so be careful, although all operations through the GUI. And it is a powerful as well as beautiful distribution.

7. Zorin Operating System

Another best Linux distro for beginners that helps Windows refugees is Zorin OS. It is a well designed and developed distribution based on Ubuntu. There is no doubt that your desktop environment is similar to all familiar Windows desktops, which guarantees a smooth transition to the Linux world. Of course, it comes with a lot of preinstalled software.


Another highlight is the incredible theme engine, “Zorin appearance changer,” which offers a high degree of customization. Finally, it comes with PlayOnLinux, so you can also run most of the favorite Windows applications here.

8. MX Linux

MX Linux, which is a joint venture of the antiX Linux distro and MEPIC area, places itself a little bit in a different way when it concerns its highlights. Unlike many other distros call it lightweight or efficiency-focused, MX Linux labels itself as a midweight OS.  Thanks to its straightforward installment process and gorgeous look. 

mx linux best linux distro for beginners

New users find themselves in their own homes while using MX Linux. With pretty good equipment recognition and automatic configuration for an out-of-the-box experience. This Debian GNU Linux-based is also known to be stable for durable performance. Default desktop configure made use of by this beginner-friendly distro is Xfce

9. Deepin Linux

Deepin Linux is another visually attractive and best Linux distro for beginners. Created by the Chinese Linux community. It is developed to provide a functional Linux desktop experience. Something that establishes Deepin apart is its easy setup process, which is just one of the easiest.

deepin best linux distro for beginners

Deepin Linux uses a rookie, a tidy and straightforward interface. The symbols and color style to look modern-day. To access the system setups, you need to access the appropriate panel that allows you to manage all installations.  Users, themes, wallpapers, and all other things together. On the applications front, Deeping Linux manages to charm first-time Linux users.

It comes loaded with lots of beneficial pre-installed programs like Chrome, Nautilus documents manager, Deepin media player, USB Designer, PDF reader, LibreOffice, and so on. Even for expert users, Deepin feels like a breath of fresh air. So, go on and give it a try. Deepin Linux makes use of the Deepin Desktop Setting (DDE).

10. Linux Lite

Wishing to make use of a Linux distro that appropriates for new users and enjoys your old COMPUTER? Well,  you must check out Linux Lite. As the name is Light, it does not take enormous resources from you. Based on the Ubuntu LTS launches, it’s efficient out of the box. It means that a new Linux user does not need to install extra software for word everyday jobs. It consists of Firefox, GIMP, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, VLC media player, etc

linux lite

Linux Lite has a menu similar to Windows, making points easier for Windows users that are intending to make dive into the world of Linux. It provides automatic upgrades for smooth operating. So, if you wish to check out Linux on your old laptop, PC, Linux Lite is the right choice. Linux Lite works on a lightweight Xfce desktop atmosphere.

How to Choose the Best Linux Distro For Beginners

If you are a beginner, it’s a common question about how to choose the best Linux distro for beginners like you. We are giving some tips to make it easy for you. Here are some quick and easy guidelines to help you choose the best one among all Linux distros for you:

  • If you are overwhelmed, select the distro that you like best. You can install most of the software in any distribution you choose, as long as they are compatible. All the texts we have covered in this article can run almost identical preinstalled applications. Even if the app not preinstalled in the version you are viewing, you can easily find and install it using the Application Center/software. All done through the GUI.
  • If you want to exit Windows or Mac and want to continue using a similar interface, choose one of the dedicated distributions, such as Peppermint, Linux Mint, Zorin, Elementary.
  • We do not recommend beginners to start with a distribution like Arch Linux. Although it is a powerful distribution, it not recommended for beginners. However, if you want to learn Linux and everything is fine, then it is a good starter version. Either way, if you are a beginner, it is not recommended as the primary operating system.
  • You can always run a virtual machine or try to free the virtual machine through dual USB real-time boot. Therefore, you can continue using Windows / Mac, but you can switch to the Linux distribution at any time. If you do not want to exit the primary operating system, the best option is to start it twice.
  • Before using the release before, quickly browse the distribution site to get more information about the version. This way, you can know in advance if it meets your needs without having to use it and reinstall other distributions later.

Closing Thoughts

If you are a beginner, you may have many questions about Linux and Linux distros. We try to describe some of them in this article, but you can always search for anything on Google, and surely you can suggest to us the best Linux distro for beginners according to your experience. However, Linux is not a problematic OS; we need to be habituated with it. After using a few days, you will find the beauty of the open-source software world. If you feel curious about Linux history, you can read Linux Operating System History and Usage Points.

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