Best Linux File Manager: 10 Reviewed

The file manager is the most used software that gives a user interface for any file. A well-arranged set of anything can make your work easier. A file manager does the same thing. There are different file managers for Linux with different innovative features that make their user’s operation a comfortable one. Today we shall take endeavor to find the best Linux file manager by discussing some most discussed managers.

Best Linux File Manager: Most Discussed

Today, we shall discuss some of the most known and used Linux or Ubuntu file managers. These are selected based on different reviews, analyzing their features, etc. We do not say that these are the only best Linux file managers. But these are some that we recommend.

best linux file manager and ubuntu file manager

Nautilus File Manager

Nautilus is a well-known, reputed, and default Ubuntu file manager. This reputation is also the result of being the default manager for the GNOME desktop environment. The file manager has a clean interface. Very necessary or must-have features are the default features of Nautilus. However, adding different plugins can fulfill any other requirements for the users.

Nautilus ubuntu File Manager

Notable Features

  • Three view styles: To get a suitable and flexible view.
  • Browse Mode: You can visit the folder and record it.
  • Fast Search: To locate any file quickly.
  • Dual Access: Allows accessing local and remote files.
  • Undo Option: To get unwanted removal or step back.
  • File safety: Keeps your files safe from the intruder. 

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Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander is a text-based Linux as well as Ubuntu file manager. It has a command-line interface. The manager is suitable for both newbies and experts. It offers a full-screen text mode for better operation. As a whole, the interface is immaculate and user-friendly. The program is incorporated with an internal viewer and editor. 

best linux file manager midnight commander

Notable Features

  • Four Parts Screen Layout: Gives easy navigation and usages.
  • Multilingual: 45 languages supported for translation. 
  • Mcedit Editor: Highlights syntax for designated languages.
  • Cross-Platform: Supports in many other OS other than Linux.
  • FTP Proxy support: Transfers multiple files and directories.

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It is one of the best, most powerful, and most flexible Linux file managers. Konqueror gives you an easy view by an ‘icon’ and a ‘tree’ view. It reads many formats like TXT, PDF, audio, etc. The directories are updated automatically. One of the most important features is that the engine is KHTML rendering powered. The file manager has the ability to house Java applets. With numerous important and essential features, you can call Konqueror the best Linux file manager.

Konqueror ubuntu file manager

Notable Features

  • Multi Tabs: Open and operate multiple tabs, drag and drop to copy, etc.
  • Highly customizable: Manage everything the way you want.
  • Simultaneous naming: Name many files together at the same time.
  • SFTP and FTP Server Access: Ensure the safe storage of files.
  • Drag and Drop: For a quick copy, shift, and navigation.
  • KIO Plug-ins: Allows extending limitless capabilities.

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When there is a discussion or query about the best Linux file manager, Dolphin is a popular name in the Linux file manager. It has a reputation for being very easy to use for newbies. This lightweight Linux file manager is free and open-source. KDE-4 and their next onward versions have adopted Dolphin as their default file manager.  With this manager, you can browse both local and remote files. Dolphin is straightforward and very flexible in customization.

dolphin best linux file manager

Notable Features

  • Multi-tabs: Feature to open multiple tabs simultaneously.
  • Split view: For easy moving of files.
  • Encryption: For securing files.
  • Zoom in-out, Dragging, and breadcrumb bar: For easy navigation.
  • Icon, compact, and detail view mode: For easy assimilation.
  • Categorizing files in different attributes: To get a suitable view with the required data.

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Thunar is comparatively less reputed, unlike other Linux or Ubuntu file managers. However, it is still a better choice for many due to its simplicity and clean user interface. Xfce has made this manager as its default one. But other environments can use this manager too. 

thunar best file manager for linux

Notable Features

  • Lightweight: Old laptops and desktops can run this.
  • Simultaneous Naming: Possible to rename multiple files at a go.
  • High plugin adding capability: Makes your scopes limitless.
  • Fast and Responsive: Gives a quick and smooth experience.
  • Hidden settings: Keeps file safe and secure.

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Krusader is considered the best Linux file manager. It has all the features available which are present in Windows explorer. Two panels are straightforward to use and powerful in action. Krusader supports a high range of formats. This highly customizable Linux file manager gives a clean look on the desktop. It is very fast in the case of searching and matching. You can transfer files with (S)FTP with Krusader. 

Krusader ubuntu file manager

Notable Features

  • Advanced Twin Panel: Easy and robust use.
  • Highly Customisable: Manage the way you want to use it.
  • Quick Search: Find and match quickly.
  • Keyboard Orientation: Reduce the use of the mouse.
  • Menu Customization:  To create a menu bar as desired by the user.
  • Powerful Sorting: Quick sorting with five different methods.

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PCMan File Manager

PCMan File manager is known to be a replacement for Nautilus, Konqueror, and Thunar. It is an extremely light and fast Linux or Ubuntu file manager. There are a lot of features that made it very user-friendly, like bookmarking, thumbnail, drag and drop, and many more. The interface is immaculate. There are two views, an icon and a detailed view. It has a shallow use of memory though it is full of features.

pcman file manager for linux

Notable Features

  • Fast Starting: Starts within one second in a standard device.
  • Tabbed Interface: Opens multiple tabs at the same time.
  • Drag and Drop: Easy for copying and pasting and transferring between tabs.
  • Bookmark: Marks anything essential and often necessary.
  • Fast Loading: Directories with large-size loads within a short time.

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XFE is known to be Microsoft or Commander, like a file manager. This file manager is tiny but fast. FOX library is the only requirement to make it fully operational. It has a fast graphical interface. XFE can enqueue multimedia files. There are root mode, status line, file associations, autosave registry, color themes, icon themes, and many more important features. With all these features, you surely can name the best Linux file manager.

xfe file manager

Notable Features 

  • Bookmark: Marks anything essential and often necessary up to 20.
  • Drag and Drop: Easy for copying and pasting and transferring.
  • Different Integrated Features: Text editor, text viewer, image viewer.
  • Tetra Mode File Manager: One panel, directory tree, and one panel, two panels, and a directory tree and two panels.
  • Multilingual: Supports 17 different languages.
  • Progress Bar: For easy operation of a lengthy task.

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Double Commander

Double Commander is an open-source Linux file manager. It supports both 32 and 64-bit processors. Double Commander is written in free Pascal/ Lazarus. There is a natural sorting mode in the manager for sorting files nicely. It supports a wide range of formats. Besides, it has an Embedded console, auto-update, file operation, and logging queue, FTP support, quick filter, Unicode support, and many more features.

double commander best Linux file manager

Notable Features

  • Tabbed Interface: Open multiple tabs and operate them simultaneously.
  • Drag and Drop: Easy copy-paste and transfer.
  • Highly Customizable: Arrange the way the user wants.
  • Multi Rename Tool: Any file can remain with a defined mask.
  • Extended Search Function: Search anything with text search in full inside any file.

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Ranger is an open-source Linux file manager. The manager is potent and flexible. It is a console-based program. Ranger can run on older hardware as it has been low usage of resources. The program is written in python

ranger file manager

Notable Features

  • Multi-Column Display: Shows files from the terminal directly.
  • Auto File Detection: Detects types of files and related running programs automatically.
  • Bookmarks: Mark frequent and necessary files.
  • Mouse Support: Ease up the navigation. 
  • Multi-Pane View: The current directory of all the tabs are displayed.

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Did you Find the Best Linux File Manager

We have already mentioned that the above-discussed Linux file managers or Ubuntu file managers are not the only best collections. However, we do believe that these will be enough to fulfill your demands. Most of these have common features with some special features. We recommend you to use Krusader, Dolphin, and Midnight Commander. If you have some other suggestions, please let us know by commenting below.

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